1. RobiZ

    Introduction and 2 questions(don't worry none of them are : when it will come out)

    So hello. :) I'm newly registered member ,but i have been here for like 3 years (?) not much, but anyways. Respect for those who are here for 10 years and more. So I have 2 questions that ,I think, hasn't been asked here ( well at least one of them) 1) Will it be possible to change the...
  2. EvolutionX


    What is contrary to cam_idealyaw ESF Comand?
  3. EvolutionX

    ESF Camera

    Is there way to keep this camera in esf forever?
  4. Uaimedna

    Smooth camera

    I was watching the throwing tutorial video and i sow those camera animation used to distract you enemy and they look cool... But... When you get distracted the camera starts spinning smoothly and when its over.. BANG.. It teleports from that random position back to you normal camera...
  5. C

    Camera Movement

    I want to make a dbz movie. How do you pan the camera and move the camera around?
  6. diegochiha

    Side camera position when doing a beam struggle

    And thats my suggestion,i think it would be great if when doing a beam struggle,the camera gets fixed at one side so you can see the beams colliding and with that perspective.I mean something like that ;)
  7. stefano

    esf character distance from camera..........

    I am wondering why didn`t you make the game like on Dragonball budokai tenkaichi 3 for ps2 or the new raging blast and put closer the camera that is showing the character and maybe the characters are moving too fast the are moving at the same speed when they are flying in the air and they cant...
  8. imkongkong

    Camera! Which to buy?

    If possible less than $200 because I can't spend too much. PSP CAMERA CANON POWERSHOT...
  9. B

    So my GF got me a camera...

    Yes, I have a girl friend. DONT DOUBT ME *****ES. Now that that's out of the way, what should I take pictures of? I know I have to take pics of my dogs, so Sub can see them. But what else? Give me kick ass **** to take pictures of. Other than nekkid pics, those will be sent via PM! Just...
  10. K

    The camera+flying anim

    Well what the esf team should really try is a better close-up camera...Nearer to the character.That would make the game harder to get bored with.Also it would make esf look like a real game not just an action mod The second thing I'd recommand is the flying animation.The esf's original anim is...
  11. H

    Beam Camera

    Hey, i dont know if this is already been discussed or anything... I was thinking if u guys think is better to make the camera change it's position when using beam powers, i think it'd give a better aiming, since is difficult to see at what you're aiming at with the beam blocking your vision...
  12. Morvin

    Camera suggestion...

    I think it would be very good if there is an automatic zoom out when you fire a kamehameha or any other great beams so that would fix the problem with the size of the beams. That can be used too when you charging a spiritbomb... I agree that such beams have to be a bit smaller but even if this...
  13. The Deco

    FIFA 08 Camera help

    OK, straight to the point. Maybe not much of you play FIFA 2008 especially becuase most of you are americans, BUT I need help from people who do play FIFA 08. You know theres a camera called end to end if you don't know what im talking about that is the camera: Now that is what happens in...
  14. Shinze

    Camera question

    well guys i saw this vid on youtube and i was wondering whats that Camera Command that the guy is using... ive tried cam_xoffset and cam_yoffset but both dont make me see my char in the center when i stop moving... i know he is using cam_idealdist 100 or just press ''K'' key , but i want to...
  15. Zeonix

    Is That a Camera? TERRORIST!!!

    Source: FYI: I'm pretty sure I messed up the posted article when I was removing the captions from the pictures, so you're better off just reading the article at the site. There are a bunch of user comments as well, so that's nice. This is a...
  16. KidMan

    Camera Shake

    I think having a small/weak camera shake added to the game when someone fires a signature energy move,(KHH, FF, BBA, etc.) would show more power for the game. The camera shake would last no more then half a second, enough time for the beam head or energy ball to be a good distance away from your...
  17. john_volkov

    switch camera

    you you go to first person view you can't go back to thierdpersone view
  18. sub

    Changing the default camera view

    I would like to suggest that for 1.3, the default camera view is that of when you max out the zoom ingame [holding k down 'till it stops]. The vast majority of pro's have the camera set like this and it's just a disadvantage to new players that don't know about it. you can have an option to...
  19. Skyrider

    Beam Struggle Camera.

    I've posted this very very long time ago, which was before ESF Beta v1.1. And the idea is quite simply. When you are in a struggle, there should be an option / button to change the camera mode to either go a little bit to the left so you can see the struggle, OR the camera changes completely to...
  20. Delusional

    Camera View?

    Is there a way to make the default camera view zoomed all the way out...i like playing like that but hate that it keeps resetting..