1. Soulicro

    I call it... WTF?

    Heh... kinda simple, kinda hard, whatever... I like the end result. Do you? Thanks for viewing... Critz?
  2. Soulicro

    Something I like to call.. Wicked Wily.

    Yes... PREPARE FOR THE Wicked Wily. Why Wicked Wily? Hell if I knew. It doenst suit the image at all. Whatever... Check it -- Critz? 4/21/04 edit:: Hello? Anybody? Critz? Any critz? At all? Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo???
  3. T

    call me super vegeto

    credits: to smo for model....... ;)
  4. Mystacx

    dont know what to call it but.... its uhmm by me :P

    well its my first time that i actually done this (usually i stick to siggy's) so.... whats your oppinion?
  5. tha ssj4goku

    I like to call it "Your Time"

    Hey guys, This was my first attempt in 3dsmax. Hope you guys like it a little Greetz
  6. TeKNiK

    Sirens Call [WIP]

    Ok ive done some editing on the peice that was formerly known as "Super Nova" and with an Idea from 1m4 Im transforming it into sirens call.. ignore the typography i didnt wanna get a new font for it untill i got a good pic to be used as a Siren.. oh yeah its really bright too lol...
  7. CM

    Shin Carl Inc. Reskins

    All of these were done by SSJ Shin Carl, me is just hostin and postin for him. First Up- Weighing in 6 tons of lipstick, and with credits from: PCJoe for the Alpha Model and Ultra 33 for the EDIT!!! same credits and above, only the edit is different, its frieza 100 % form...
  8. S

    Verious Pencil sketches of DBNG

    this is how teck will look as a kid, ssj: hope you like, i might draw a pic of him normal later
  9. OubliezJe

    Need a picture?

    If youneed apicture leave your info aim ore-mail. and i dontmean signature, i MEAN A PICTURE lol. crap i posted in the wrong one can someone move this to artwork?
  10. Naz

    No Regular [Indy!]

    Hi there this has been a while for me I havent even touched photoshop for atleast 2 months, (vacation, school, working etc). And when opening photoshop, it all felt new for me again. I got back at it a bit, but it isn't as smooth as it used to be. Either way, here my new baby I call no...
  11. S

    Vegeta RedSayian V2.0

    How do you like him im not taking any critz cause have worked on him a long FREAKING TIME ok mabye about 5 or 6 days and i need a host for it. Credits: the guy who made vegeta, me
  12. K

    i have no idea where this should go...

    so yeah if this is in the wrong place, please DO NOT close my thread, just relocate it! :D ok first of all is smo/yorke gone for good cause i havent seen him in like forever... second has there or will there ever be a modeling competition where the best modelers send their best models, and the...
  13. §lipKnot

    should i keep reskining or call it quits

    hey i was wounder if i should stop reskining i dont know what to reskin and i dont know what peeps like so if u could tell me if u think my reskins are bad or good it would help go to my page and tell me plz
  14. D

    call me a noob modler

    here are my first models ( poly by poly O_o ) 1.) a sword :p credits : original skinner of the sword 2.) part of a body :
  15. Jimesu_Evil

    GT Vegeta (with a jacket)

    I made this edit a while back and with all the new GT Vegetas with just his red singlet, I thought it might be time to release this one. Take a look: I need permission from Xtortionist, Turk and AzN before I release it. Credits go to: -Turk (Harsens) for Vegeta model -Xtortionist...
  16. S

    Who you gonna call ?

    Hi guys here is a map I have been working on lately :-), just trying to get the hang of some urban mapping. The level is heavy WIP still but you can start to get the feel of it :-). All C&C are welcome thanks for your interested :-)
  17. Kman3252

    Young Goku

    This is a model by Tomwoof. Its avaible free at turbo Squid but it is a lightwave file. If anyone has this program and could make it into a .mdl file that would be awseme. :yes: :yes: :yes: pic...
  18. Suh Dude

    New skin edit

    please if u don't like then don't post and if u like it then post and should i release it?
  19. G

    first Model Edits

    Hi I made My First Model edits SSj4 Goku Edit Link to Picture is : SSj4 Vegeta Edit Link to Picture is : Majin SSj2 Gohan - Non SSj Model link to...
  20. Q

    A little thing I made...

    there's a li'l sumthin' I made, and I wanted to show it to you guys, but.. I'm a little new here at this hosting thing so do you mind helping a sick, sick cannibal like me? :P edit: heres the pic: credit goes to the esf vegetto 'nother edit: credits goes to smo's goku (and...