1. Mkilbride

    McDonalds toys illegal in California Yup.
  2. sub

    California may have legalized cannabis today!

    So today was election day, and California voted on whether or not to legalize marijuana. It's too early to say right now whether or not prop 19 passed, but I really hope it did. Any Californians here who voted for / against it?
  3. Kaination

    Gay marriage legalized... again! in california.

    Man do I love california. boooooyah *****es. Next stop, legalized marijuanna, november.
  4. sub

    I'm moving to California
  5. Kaination

    *** Marriage Legalized in California,0,6998803.story About time, now me and Kidboy and Lith can all marry eachother and bang the nights away. edit: thanks for the fixed link zeo.
  6. Eon

    Man in California Fired for failing drug test...he was prescribed to medical weed. Lame.
  7. Suh Dude

    California fire... yum...

    This absolutely sucks, I'm in the middle between two ****ing fires lol, I should be packing up soon and leaving my homework in here just cause I don't want to do them. :S So anyone living in California thats related to the fire? o_o