1. F

    High Speed Cable is teh ****. I need help.

    Ok, quick question. I am getting high speed internet soon from comcast as many probably know. I was going to sleep, at least trying to, and I was thinking about how I'm getting highspeed (I'm really excited about it) and then I started thinking about my old high speed. And my train of though...
  2. Killface

    Ribbon Cable

    Is their any type of Parallel ATA cable (or ribbon cable as their better known as) made that will support 3 drives instead of 2?
  3. S

    Cable Suckage

    Over the past week, my cable steadily gets slower from 7AM to 12PM. I don't know why, it just does. I've tried contacting time warner, but they say my packet send and receive is fine (-_-). In the morning server pings are around 20, in the evening they're around 300, 15x more -_-... This is...
  4. L

    timeouts and disconnects on a cable modem???

    what the hell is up with esf 1.2.1 i never had this problem with esf befor other then the game crashing out to desktop on 1.2 every once and a wile. now when i play esf on the servers i seem to drop for no reasion and i think everyone else does to.
  5. A

    Rogers Cable Internet's speed keeps going up :S

    A month ago my download speeds on Every site i dl'd off of (if it was in north america) and on kazaa and things was about 200 - 280. Now it's going from 400 - 700...I even got 1 mb a second. Is this just a fluke or what? What ever i dont want it to end :laff:
  6. X

    A ques. for someone that has a lot of experience with cable modems.

    I've been using a wireless router for a good while now and all it does is screw with my client-made servers ;( . I have a cable modem and i was gonna try to hook two cable modems instead of using the router. And before i wasted my money on another cable modem i wanted to see if anyone here had...
  7. Wizard's Curse

    Cable modem help O_o

    Yo guys Im back again ... I was gone for like 2 weeks because I was getting cable and I finally got it :D It owns and stuff but theres 1 wierd thing ... my ping in ESF and other HL mods is kinda big ... I mean bigger than the ping on my dail-up ffs I do not have a firewall or router and...
  8. X

    Hosting ESF on Cable w/ Linksys

    I'm currently on a linksys router and in ESF I always host, but nobody joins (for the past few months). On BYOND, I set my port that is open, and people can join my game, but on Half-Life, I didn't see an option to set a port when hosting. If you know how, please let me know.
  9. A

    My..Frist..WALLPAPER :) I tried to make a wallpaper on FInal fantasy X, X-2. Critz plz.
  10. L

    Sig Host Going to Be Taken Down

    Topic says it all. for some strange reaosn shaw is complaining about my connection and is forcing me to stop hosting. ohh well nothing i can do till i get a new sdsl line or new cable isp. sorry guys and gals
  11. Rebirah

    My cable modem is messed up!!!

    For some reason My cable modem (Charter Communications) is messed up!! There are 4 lights Power,PC,Data,and cable. For some reason the cable and data lights blink for a few seconds then the turn off!!! then that makes me not beable to use the internet!!! Why does this happen? and if you know...
  12. TehMuffinMan

    my cheap battle damaged vegeta

    well, this is my very cheap attempt at a battle damaged vegeta: well, tell me, its only a 3 min job so dont expect anything good :S but anyways, i woz gonna do a skin for another model but i dunno which one, so, who do u think i should do? (ps, its AZN's model, just the edited the skin:S )
  13. T

    Cable I drew

    Took me about 15 minutes to draw. Comments please.