1. JM LE FOU

    cell transformation catch C17!!

    i got an idea, when cell normal got enaught level to transform push z then he had to search for c17 who will appear in the map (like a dragonball on the scouteur), of caurse c17 will move and attack ,the other player will not let cell get c17 to go to second level that an handicap (that can be...
  2. Moshe Kipod Ham

    New c17 skin

    [team Z] - Zarp gave me the c17 by Logan (sorry for the trouble it's a 100% true - sorry Logan :( His bro lied 2 him)and asked me 2 skin it... result: crits? comments? spam (don't :p )?
  3. X

    Will someone ever make an Android 17?!

    Come on God Gunamd and DakD get to work and stop slacking off! LOL j/k, sorry still hyper... but seriously.. When will you make Android 17! :| or will someone else be kind enough to make one? :P EDIT: Transformation for a Super 17 model would be nice too.