1. S

    making models

    what kind of software is needed to make and edit models, and where can i find it?
  2. SA_Shift

    Anyone know any good mappers

    Anyone know any good mapping programs Hey, I enjoy mapping alot but so far I've only been mapping with gstudio and haf-life. Does anyone know any good mapping programs that I could practice with and their home page links?
  3. O

    Need to know about Aura models

    Can someone tell me how to change the colors of the auras the characters use? I want to know b/c I want ot change Piccolo's to green and Normal Goku's aura to red.
  4. S

    Help me out please?

    Hey all Like i put in my post in Modelin im new to this and wanna start doin this..im doin Game Design next year in Uni so can anyone tell me a good program top use? maybe a site to vist please? thanks all c ya's l8r :p