1. Jakut

    Dumbledore likes it in the butt

    http://news.aol.com/entertainment/story/_a/jk-rowling-outs-hogwarts-character/20071020070609990001?ncid=NWS00010000000001 I wtf'd XD
  2. L

    got links for a butt load of models

    if so hopefully u know were to put im
  3. Death The Jedi

    Man with a dancing headcrab..

    quality sucks, and don't ask what the flashing whit things are... I just thought it looked kinda cool. The round grey thing on his head is the crosshair I was using when I too the screen shots..
  4. A

    GOhan wip

  5. Z

    My first semi-good 3d wallpaper

    my first semi-good wallpapers done in 3dsm :\ crits?
  6. B

    my first model and reskin please check it out

    ok update damged vegeta check it out please the pics are in the bottom of the page credits esf team http://www.geocities.com/brightblade3602/brightblade.html?1054047794592
  7. Mr. Satans

    ~ Big Head Model Pack ~

    This is VERSION 1!! The download will be on RED SAIYAN when I can get ahold of SPiN. KNOWN PROBLEMS: > Arms go into head when blocking (not all models) > Buu's "horn" gets Xtremely fuct when doing CANDY ATTACK > Super Imperfect Cell's chin is messed. > Krillin's face (both models) is...
  8. dudeman

    new wallaper... again

    comments? anyone?
  9. S

    New sig

    I know i havent talk in like a month, so i bring you... a new sig! im thinking of using it insteada the ones i got now crits please :-D ps: DAKILLA ROX!!
  10. Vegito1180

    Sigy Crits

    What do u think of my new sig?
  11. Z

    my sig

    hey im just testing my sig i made , so what do u think?
  12. E

    Please answer!

    Can I switch the characters moves from one to each other? Etc. Can I move Trunks' Burning Attack to Vegeta, so that Vegeta could use it?? I'd appreciate some help guy's? Thank's Evil_Vegeta
  13. M

    My new sig

    Hello everyone. I would like u people to check out my new sig. Please be honest about it.http://www.freewebs.com/best_dbz_mods/signature.jp
  14. |Da|K|

    my sigs tell me...

    hello here are some of my sigs over the weeks that i made..... sorry cant show you my homepage of sig then you see all my futre ones :D :talk:
  15. A


    uh ... all u greedy *******s who wanna use AzN's innocence to get his models , try ot understand ... if he wanted to release them as individuals he would do it already dont u think ? so get off his back u stupid noobs and let him work peacfully ( love u AzN ) and besides , its much...
  16. T

    Tattoo design.. CG art*

    Yea well i design tattoos and my boy wanted me to design something different for him,this is my first design.... (took 4 hours to complete)
  17. Mistery X

    Saiyan Crusades Vegeta WIP, need Crits

    hey guys... need crits to improve my vegeta model... please post what ever help I can use! ^_^ here is the 3D views of the body here is the hair I've only finished up to the front of the hair.. starting on the back soon.. and on the render the ref pic I used for vegeta's hair
  18. D

    the new picoollo

    i know its hard to model...but the new model of piccollo isn't correct! -is torso is too small -his legs are too long -his antenna are too square and it supossed to be more in the middle of the forehead. -the ear dont start enough high there r too low ...thats all ... the skin...
  19. Z

    Uhmmm a new butt ups bug

    I really dont know if this has been here before but i noticed something if u stand to a wall and charge an attack and u shoot it then it just blows up before it even has been shot for 0.00001 Centimeters! WHY!
  20. S

    My Secon Model Ever!

    yo, check this out... my second model ever, i made it in milkshape and rendered it in lightwave... i would like comments... thanx... btw.. its suppoesed to be an alien :)