1. Killface


    So.. that whole cigarette thread got me thinking. It seems to me that the majority of the forum users use marijuana recreationally... (or some other drugs also?) Which is cool and all. I'm personally against weed, but that's besides the point. To all you marijuana users. Any interesting stories...
  2. N


    everyone knows that movies are out of the picture and everything has to be from the series, but i fount some things that are from the movies standart. lissen to the sounds of the chars, when vegeta does the gallitgun, its from the metal cooler movie and the dragon sound from the garlic jr...
  3. Nuttzy

    is my 3dsm busted?

    now im not asking for a tut, so this should not be breaking any rules, correct me if im wrong, i think my 3dsm may be fudged up i have been skinmapping since i began in milkshape and paint in tandem, and i always wind up with a perfectly usable skinmap, but they always wind up with the same...
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