1. Indigo

    Jeice and Burter - Caramelldansen

  2. M

    The Ginyu Force | Jeice & Burter

    Ok, I just finished watching Episode 53 (Ginyu Assault). You guys need to put in Jeice and Burter. They're such awesome characters. Especially Jeice with his Fire Crusher ball attack. Love the ginyu music is this episode...
  3. D

    wrong forum but i wanted you to see my model

    this is my burter head beta. around 15 min work. 500 poly's The rest of the model will be complete tomorrow
  4. D

    Hey can i join as a modeler ? just tell me which one

    If you guy's tell me which model i should make i'll do it. and i should have it ready in a few day's. If possible give me a character that's hard to model so you can see my skills. and if you like it can i join ? ( no i will not join any other mod than ESF ) Please contact me on MSN ...