1. D

    I need to find a burner that burns dvd-r for as cheap as possible

    I have recently spent alot of money and my dad wont be giving me too much more,im lucky since chrismas is coming up and he wants another computer anyway,but i want a burner that suports dvd-r cuz i got a + r dvd,but need a -r burner for my burning needs.Anyone know a good site to get 1?
  2. D


    All I have to say it....EXCELLENT! er...well...2 things: this ISNT final version....cuz...it just dont look right completely...ill change stuff later tonight
  3. Hibiki

    What Trunks?

    what trunks should esf have? future is soo much better cause he has the bad ass sword and looks hella cooler than the gay bojack trunks