1. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Female Base Model

    heres something i whipped up in the last hour, its still a wip just need to know what you think :)
  2. B0Bmaster40000

    Immortal - Coming soon!

    <center> More than what it appears to be, this arena is not for the faint-hearted -- or the tamer computers. The size will push the limits of Hammer. The detail will challenge your 3D card. The game-play will put your l33tness to the test. B0B_Immortal Coming soon! Can you handle...
  3. M

    ssj4 goku

    does any one have ssj 4 goku because i checked redsayain and it hardly moves its crap
  4. StriKe!

    Chibi Goku pack

    Hey all, the last past weeks, i've been working on a chibi goku model. I edited the Goten model God Gundam made. But i couldnt skin, so the project was off, till Mr. Bugskin made 1, i used his so credits go to him for skin. I also cant model good yet (ssj3 hair) so i usd logans ssj3 hair...
  5. Sonic the Vampire

    To the modelors and their fans, an important notice.

    http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=245932#post245932 /\ Before posting from this point forward, we expect everyone to pay attention to the thread hyperlinked above and adhear to those rules. Both of these rules were very recently placed, and I realize that after you've all...
  6. Moshe Kipod Ham

    My first (posted) reskins!!!

    I've made reskins for Gotenks normal, ssj, ssj3... TELL ME WHAT DO U THINK??? :confused:
  7. S

    Final Flash (yes, I'm bored)

    Something like this was requested somewhere.... It's in an early stage (in fact VERY VERY early) and I have to get around some things to have it ingame. Notice: 1) If it gets ingame it will perhaps block "a bit" of your sight. 2) The front part WILL NOT follow the FF head. 3) I will have to...
  8. Virtigo Seven

    Burning Gundam Model

    What about a Burning Gundam Model with like Gohan or Goku stats and powers?
  9. M

    Fat Janemba

    new version has hands :D poly count: 1444 :D <- fok yeh baby
  10. J

    Android 17

    Im workin on an Android 17 model. All i need to finish the body is a good pic of his gun, then i'll start the head. It might get into ESF, but it might have too many polies. It's 1850 now and should be ~2200 with the head. If you have a good ref pic of his gun, plz post it! and...
  11. G

    gt model pack!

    hey, i'm making a gt model pack. It'll include GT trunks reskin of short-hair armor Trunks by Styreta reskin by me! Chibi Goku/ssj reskin of Goten model by god gundam reskin by me! Adult Goten reskin of Yamcha by brollman RESKIN BY ME! Shenron (REPLACES SHENLONG IN CAPT DB MODE) reskin of...
  12. Mr. Satans

    Aura -- HELP PLEASE

    I have been trying to figure out how to set texture families in Milk Shape 3D for a long time because I made a new aura model. I haven't been able to find any tutorials on it, PLEASE HELP!