1. crazykorean10

    When is Budokia 3 comming out

    I am gettinhg very impatient i could call my cousin in korea and ask him to bu y it for me and mail but i am not sure if it has come out in asia damn i am getting impatient i went to alot of different sites about when i comes out but most of them say in Novmeber ;(

    Budokia 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pic

    i found a pic ill show u all later ok
  3. B

    New DBZ Budokia Game For PS2!!!

    ok i just got a trailer from gamespot for the new dbz game on ps2 it looks beautiful. if youve got gs dl manager i suggest u check it out i've watched it like 50 times over and over again. if you want to watch it then get it here