1. Alica_goku_ssj4

    what Is BTL???

    Can someone tell me what BTL means?????
  2. D

    BTL website!?

    well i clicked on that sticky that has all the Evm BTL and i all ways click there to go to BTl forums to see if its out yet and so i clicked there and BTL is gone i know i shouldent post this here but BTL is gone can some one help! PLZ!
  3. dan_esf_fanatic

    Is BTL released yet?

    I want to know because when I try to go to their site I can't is this just me or is something wrong with the site anyway is it available for download? Please don't close this I'm just asking a friendly question.
  4. D

    btl help again!

    i tryed going to the forum but they dont say or help you download it can you give me a link and plz dont close the conversation i have more to say
  5. D

    btl help

    i go to that thing you send people where this guy gives you the website to evm and btl but i clicked on the betl website and it wont let me in it says i have to contack a billing or something like that can someboddy help me plz
  6. ace005


    I don't know nothing about BTL, but i heard it's somekinf of mod, so I'm including it in my post. Why can't the guys form esf work with the guys from evm and btl, to make esf 2??(or 1.3, whatever). All of them have great ideeas, and i think it will be great if they would worjk toghether and...
  7. ssj3Viper

    What's EEA & BTL?

    I have ESF for a half of year or so and i ask all of you WTF is EEA and BTL. P.S. I have heard of EVM i have it, i use it, i like it.
  8. Growler

    BTL - Brolly

    Ok, here is the full model as of now. ---------- I am trying to skin it. I am having some trouble applying the texture and I don't know what is wrong. So I have my maps all laid out.. (I know that there are some overlapping problems, I'll deal with that later) So when I go to...
  9. Growler

    BTL - Tien

    Started about 3 hours ago - Heavy WIP
  10. ~*Logan*~

    BTL - Death Ball

    Movie here -;4718899;;/fileinfo.html I made this in 3D Studio Max 8 using the same process I did for Cooler's Supernova. However, there was one SLIGHT problem...Death Ball and Supernova are very much alike....but they do have their differences...
  11. Growler

    BTL - Fat Buu

    Started Tonight - Thanks to Skiwan for the GEORGOUS REF!
  12. S

    BTL - Vegeface!

    =0 extreme WIP, started with a naked model, and progressed.... and well yeah... im ashamed to say, but its 2800 polies atm... im gonna have to cut it down... at least a lil :X btw, there are tons of errors, so i'll be correcting alot... i hopefully will keep this regularly updated
  13. M

    BTL Tien

    here's a new model by the low-poly n00b,me =p.i'm gonna try to map this model,wish me luck ;) .
  14. Growler

    BTL - Trunks WIP

    Started about 40 minutes ago
  15. wheres_

    BTL Superbuu

    Super Buu skin WIP for BTL. Model donated by Movmento. Sknmaps by Sander. Skin by me. I know it's a tad bland so far, but I'm working on it.
  16. imkongkong

    Why make addons (evm, btl, evossj4) when it won't matter in the end?

    Throughout the years of ESF, many people have been wanting movie characters, more transformations, more characters, more tweaks, etc to the game because what the team wants in may conflict with the wants of the community. Due to this reason, members of the community would join forces and create...
  17. Super Veggeto

    BTL Teen Gohan

    me says no more =o..
  18. @

    If I dl EVM and BTL will i be able to switch between them?

    Is it possible for me to install EVM and BTL and choose between playing either or, or just playing ESF original?
  19. I

    Evm & Btl

    Just out of curiousity, in what way is BTL going to be better than Evm, because Evm is pretty friggen awesome so if you make something better than Evm then um... I dont know... JUST EXPLAIN THE LIKE... ADVANCEMENTS... HOW ITS BETTER AND STUFF!
  20. Growler

    Entry I made for BTL

    C+C. The Dragon was extremely hard to do considering I wanted the letters inside the spiral Banner- Button- (I don't know how to animate) Icon-