1. K

    Gotenks model???

    I heard that a really good gotenks was going to be released when 1.1 came out because they had to do the animations for it. I heard it was going to replace krillin and the model is going to have all new sprites. So i was wondering if it was released yet because i cant find that thread any were.
  2. V

    Gotenks Model

    Bryggs Was working on a really good gotenks model and he said it would come out when 1.1 did so when will it be out?
  3. Bryggz

    Skinner request

    hey guys, im 100% finished with my normal/ssj3 gotenks models, and I NEED A SKINNER! one to do gotenks justice! (in other words a good skinner) metro tek was suppose to but...he never whoever wants to do it just reply and we'll see :)
  4. MaX


    Where in the world did that l337 ssj3goku go oof yours? cause no one is hosting that all i know but i said ill host it but i dont rly have a webpage well its a webpage but i just host files on it not make layout of anything.. email it to me at ([email protected])
  5. D

    How Do i get these charters like goten to work in efs

    i tryed it but it dosnt work i mean how can i put it in