1. The Deco

    Bruce Springsteen

    Is the Boss. Opinions?
  2. FalconFury

    Who is bruce faulcon?

    Who is bruce faulconer? This guy :cool: Born in the U.S, creating music and more. You should thank him for creating dbz soundtracks he would be please if you do on now.
  3. J-Dude

    A-mazing DBZ Bruce Faulconer Soundtrack Re-makes!

    Since I found out that a guy who worked with Faulconer on DBZ's US soundtrack, "MorganStudios" had been doing a lot of fanservice and stuff in his own home studio for Youtube, I've subscribed to him to hear his stuff. But just the other day he instead sent his subscribers a link to another...
  4. S

    Bruce? Brucee? BRUCCCCCCCCCCEE Batman spoilers

    Newest Batman Bruce Wayne is murdered. Apparently this is legit and Nightwing or Tim Drake will take over the batman mantle. This is ridiculous i'm in mourning they can't do it, the only people in comics who're suppose to stay dead are Bucky, Jason and Uncle Ben... i don't get it. Why bruce...
  5. M

    Speaking of Bruce Lee...

  6. M

    My Name is Bruce - Trailer
  7. M

    The Legend of Bruce Lee - Trailer
  8. veqeta

    Name of this Bruce Faulconer song?
  9. M

    Bruce Lee vs. Jet Li

    Bruce Lee and Jet Li square off in a one-on-one fight, who do you think will win? Both are students of the Martial Arts, both are famous Martial Artists, both are known for their speed, and both are famous Actors.
  10. Zeonix

    Bruce Campbell is dead

    Dead serious about his brand spanking new movie! So much so, that he's directing it.
  11. M

    New Movie... Starring Bruce Lee?!

    Some of you might of heard this, but those who haven't: Source: Discuss!
  12. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Bruce Campbell v. Frank West

    Well, time for another poll.. Who would win this epic fight between Bruce Campbell and Frank West? Setting is a creepy forest by night and no way out of it.. There's a small shack with lots of tools and lots of furniture.. And ofcourse, lots of zombies.. If you don't know who these guys...
  13. Mr. Phonso

    Bruce Lee

    started this last night, tell me what you thing. still need to fix hair though
  14. S

    Bruce lee..... well kinda....

    well im just doodling and i fancied drawing bruce, so here he is, its in my style, im trying to get the hang of using my new inking pen so i used it as well, its not vry good (i suck at inking) but please crit on it if you could, anyway here's the pic: "good game! good game!"
  15. Bryggz

    My Bruce Lee Banner/Sig/Background/Or whatever, give crits

    you heard the subject hmmm? :shocked:
  16. Wangster

    second wp ( not 3d)

    i just made a wp, i know that the right side is stil empty, can someone tell me with wath to fill it op?? any crits? thnx! edit: srry pic is availeble now ;)
  17. DragonDude

    Kageyama or Bruce?

    I was just wondering, which DBZ songs do you like more? The Japanese ones by Kageyama Hironobu? Or the American ones by Bruce Faulconer? :confused: Personally I like Kageyama's songs, but I like a few of the American songs, like the SSJ3 Theme, and the Super Buu theme. :D
  18. FreeDoM

    Bruce Faulconer 4 DBGT

    Bruce wrote me this email awhile back. He wants us to vote for him to do music for DBGT, if you didn't know he currently does the music for DBZ. Check it out. *edit* Aww crap i coulda sworn i put this in off-topic.. oh well "Hi Could you do me a favor? Your vote for me to do the music...
  19. A

    Who Trunks Looks Like

    from the front the esf trunks model looks kinda like Bruce willice wearing a purple wig... juss so u all knoe... i like his body n everything... juss wanted to bring that to everyones attention :D lololol