1. Skyrider

    Open Source Browsing Games?

    I've seen many of those space/rpg browser games. Do you guys know any good open source ones? That you can freely download and to use on your own site?
  2. xstortionist

    just browsing the forum...thought i might be able to inspire

    hey everybody, i see alot has changed herein the forums...been so busy haven't had time to check em out in a WHILE. lol but some of u know me...some dont, but im retired team member, and i designed the new web page and logo. but anyways just thought i'd let everybody know that im doing good, and...
  3. T

    Trunks models KATANA(instead if sword)

    This is the new trunks sword, its a katana ENJOY:smile:
  4. E

    compiling and loading probs... need assistance

    hi... err this be my 1st post k... my prob is im currently trying to test a map i made! however after compiling, i assume it should start up esf, but it just goes to cstrike load up screen (i run on cstrike retail rather than HL) and gets stuck saying map change failed. I have got everything...
  5. dark-prince

    67 people browsing this fourm

    wow.... i guess you guys don't have to worry about publicity.... time to download *laughs deviously*
  6. Deverz


    im thinking of having a go at making sigs but i need to know wheres a good places to get pics to put on sigs