1. KidMan

    Animated Eye Brows

    Esf should have that. Think about it, Goku could look Happy, sad or angry during gameplay. This has no real effect on anything but since they have animated mouths, then having animated eye brows makes sense too. Be nice to have it so your character doesn't always look angry.
  2. S

    Platenic Thick Brows ( Rock Lee ) WIP

    Im making a Rock Lee model pbp, im not so good at pbp, but im hoping 2 finish this 1. These are the ref pics i used Greetz Ran-D
  3. M

    Goku ssj3!!!

    I have notices that Goku ssj3 is a model thats difficult to make now i'm goin to try make this model these pictures are goin to help me hope fully plz let me know what all of u think of this idea and maybe i will ask for help so if u want to help me plz do
  4. K

    Ussj Vegeta Done!!!

    Here is a front and back pic of him. I still have to slightly adjust the skin, but other than that, it's done Do not expect it out VERY soon. I am checking with Tien whether to make this public or -[GF]-'s And antoine, I will give this to you!