1. Jimesu_Evil

    Bushy Brow Lee! WIP

    Well after two months of doing absolutely nothing, I remembered that the only reason I never model is because I never have the time nor patience. Since I now have the time (and I'm making progress with the patience thing) I thought I'd make everyone's favorite lovable mop-top, since I've...
  2. Damaera

    Vegeta Edit

    I made a new edit. I think It's chibi and brown or pink hair (Color is screwed up sorry)Credit to Turk for the regular Vegeta model, I'm not releasing it to ANYONE untill I get permission.....
  3. A

    Thymos Zev

    means "spirit of the wolf" one of my first attempts at drawing and colouring an origonal concept and character... please comment (he's the good guy)
  4. Ultra33Gokussj3

    New SSJ3 Goku LIKE GT

    Dragon Ball GT goku ver.1 , ver.2 Rescin a new goku ssj3 with new clothes and face. The hair loks like it in a power up stage . The model is reali cool!:laff:
  5. Deverz

    New sig and ava

    New sig and ava thanks to naz :) Both currently in use (unless someone's asking for a hiding and digs this up from the crypt)
  6. B

    First Vegeta[fight with goku]

    here a pic
  7. A

    Vegeta ssj4

    hi all here vegeta ssj4 its my great skinned model :) :) not Stolen!!!!!!!!!!! its an edit from me and the original modler unknown but i leech the original model here !! See here : Download here :
  8. shinigami

    Sig, need crits....

    I'm thinking of maybe changing Vash to some db/dbz/dbgt/kenshin thing perhaps.... making it not as tall, and wider. Anyways crits are welcome.
  9. T

    dablack goku and a black d00d model(heads) check therm both out!!!!!!!!! and give some comments
  10. M

    Adult Gohan Face Skin

    Ok here is my first attempt at a skin I think its coming along very well. Anyway tell me what you guys think.
  11. L

    Better or Worse

    I decided to work on a new sig. i had come across some very very very high quality images from counter strike so i decided to make a simple blended sig with 2 images and lighting. Is it better then my old vash one or should i keep this new one?