1. D

    More models!!!

    To get more models i found this website : might also be something for the team of esf ;-)
  2. S

    NEW!!! site help

    im starting to make a site where theres models and **** like that sprites and sounds. i have a hole lot of **** here man for ya all!. i just need help on how and i could use some of your help on makeing one. you could send me your stuff or something. its going to be like redsayjin. but that...
  3. B

    Evolution MOD Model pics

    Here some Pics for the esf Evolution MOD by an Your ESF Source
  4. Sicron

    Cape Gohan

    I know there is a final request tread, but i dont get answers there: does some one know the gohan with cape (the one that mtaches s-bolts ssj2 gohan) cuz if i take the one of brollman i cant use him cuz he has a error
  5. G

    Brollman's vegetto model

    Could some one do me a fav and fix the problems on the arms and the privite part on brollman's vegetto model. Its a good model but it just needs some slite fixes on the arms and on the privites.:laff:
  6. C

    Model Sites

    Does anyone know any other ESF model sites with a wide variety other than thanx~
  7. Skinnerfool

    Is this me or do i see a person taking credit

    found it at brollma's Forum
  8. B

    Perfect freeza done!!

    here is my model p.Freeza i know the skin is bad but im not a skinner :) Please someone skinn it !!! somebody of my team like to skin?? and some animates are broken please can someone fix it??? plz
  9. S

    Ace Files!

    Ive downloaded a few models in ace format how do i extract the models then? i only have winzip where can i download a unpacking program that can unpack ace files?
  10. B

    Vegetto for esf

    i have compile it for esf Replace Goku it called Vegetto pack! Download it on my site but please write my Forum :) i know the skin is bad plz edit on it
  11. MSF


    sry brollman says that is he model. i dont konw tha yours say me what models not work then i can repair this
  12. B

    Need Modlers

    I have Create a Download site and a Esf League! and i need every good modler and news poster and forum admins Somebody will?
  13. B

    Ussj trunks complete

    here my version of ussj trunks
  14. B

    Armor Pack

    Here i will release an armor Pack for Esf
  15. freeportpretz22

    Vegeta Model Edit

    All this credit goes to Brollman's, all I did was edit the eyes, eyebrows, and hair. ENJOY!!! (Might have to copy and paste!!!) *EDIT* I need a host!!! :cry:
  16. E

    Scouter Models?

    Hi I only wanted to ask if there any Scouter Model exists? (You know for example vegeth with scouter) I tried to make ine bat thats not good
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