1. K

    Broke 2 Billion PL (need hlp to show you guys the pics)

    Hey dudes, I just broke 2 billion in a bot match with only one enemy, I have the pics to proove it, but I don't know how to put them on here, can sumone help me?
  2. MrMasj

    Esf_Tournament Prosses Status

    I did find out thats it was time to post a new post in here this will send information about how the Esf_Tournament Beta projekt is working new ideas are welcome for the map projekt. The map you will se pics from arent the lastest versíon and are printed in the Esf Alpha version the map scale...
  3. L

    How Do I Make Maps

    how do i make maps? email me at:[email protected] or post something here plz!
  4. T

    Preview of a model in progress

    Here's a little preview of a model I'm currently working on. It is an altered version of Pyrofragger's public model. Optimized for use in Half-Life (Lower Polycount). Thanks for the base, Pyro. Just so you know, it is a modified version of Pyrofragger's public model he released. I used it as...