1. M

    Photoshop Question - Bringing Out Color

    I remember seeing something on this but how do you bring out a specific color in a picture with Photoshop? I know you can mess with the hue or colorize settings but it doesn't give me the effect I'm looking for. I guess it has to do with editing the channels but I'm not entirely sure.
  2. S

    Help, Keeps bringing up game browser

    I installed it to c:/valve/steam/my email/half-life but it keeps taking me to the game browser, I don't have half-life though, but I do have condition zero and regular counter-strike, If anyone can help, please do
  3. Z

    goku ssj

    here it is i put alot of efot in this and soem friends helpt me with it cous i usualy do proportions wrong ty to = fingerbonenail and kaiosin{ww}
  4. C

    New Art

    This is the first time I drew sumthing other than DBZ, and if you guys would like to see my DBZ artwork, just say so. I hate drawing hands :/ plz just try to give me sum good comments, but then also what I should try to improve on my artwork, since I never took any art class or anything...
  5. TimTheEnchantor

    Eyes Of A Demon

    Deviation :
  6. God Gundam

    God's Piccolo Wip

    with some help from myster x, gg has gotten better, and he has produced a kick ass model. now enjoy your friend and mine. for GHP i present to you........ PICCCOLO!!! heres the link if you cant see it
  7. T

    Ummmmmmm Where can i skin?

    I dont want to model i just want to skin... what can i use to skin?:fight:
  8. S

    What Is That F*cking .....

    .... LINE 6 ERROR??? everytime when i run my map it sais: ********ERROR****** LINE (a number) it makes me crazy!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: