1. dutchmeat

    2012 US election thread - keep it civil

    Sources;,0,2317962.story WAT WHAT...
  2. Zephon

    complaints about this brilliant mod

    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkGreen] I would like to make some complaints about this other wise brilliant mod.Firstly and this is the second time i am moaning on this and that is that the voices for the characters are messed.Goku when he is hit or dies sounds like krillin.if they never say the...
  3. V

    brilliant beta 2 idea's realy

    First off i read that there will be multiple transforms in beta 2 but im just gonna run some ideas by the esf guys. allright this just hit me what if every character in esf has one super move they can only use in one if you die you can use it again. But these moves must inflict...
  4. ?

    u need to see this great and brilliant work

    *;/* *Cucumba!*
  5. Cheeseman

    First model, need advice

    Hey guys, i finally made my first attempt at a model, please feel free to tell me what i should improve, any links to tutorials would be a bonus, ive only been tryin to model for a week thx in advance O_O
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