1. D

    Modeling Breasts'

    Anyone know how to make a model have two breasts',im using a davidskiwan ref of some girl and cant seem to make two seperate breasts',or a women modeling tutorial that might provide me with that information.Thanks you if you do.
  2. Soulicro

    Tekken: Queen of Iron Breasts

    :P Critz are cool. Havent fired up PS in a while, catching back up. Original pic of the lady from the tekken official website - brushing was added on by me.
  3. Element4q2

    New Base Model

    I got sick of doing edits so i've decided to learn how to model from scratch. Here's my first attempt: It'll end up as a base model like nuttzy's to be used for making a female character of your choice. Crits?
  4. S

    at last i got another lazy friend to scan my drawing....

    here u go. no ref pic. only my mind ok, there.... what do u think? btw....its out of propotions cause i wanted to make it so...not cause its a mistake
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    my 1337 drawing skillz

    its not dbz but its my original character here it is
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