1. The Deco

    Adding building breakables to esf 1.3 map

    Well, I just saw 1.3s esf_city and its awesome. I really think it should be with breakables though. Like you through someone to certain parts of a building and that part of it will explode\break. I saw this implanted in other custom maps for 1.2 called esf_moderncity although you could only...
  2. Ravendust

    ESF, breakables and maps...oh my!

    I've been making a map with a few panes of breakable glass to throw players through, however breakables don't seem to be affected by some things in the game. Whenever you throw (or by chance, melee) an opponent into another opponent, they both get knocked back and take damage. However if you...
  3. X

    I Found a glitch on s2k_SnakeWay_v2 | READ |

    To who ever Made this map. Its great. But please see if you can fix this problem. I am putting this up before its too late and some lame ass decides to "Cheat". But if you play as Krillin (I haven't tried it with Freiza...) And you see enemies through the window in King Kai's House. And...