1. SS4 Gogeta

    Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil The Brazilian government has most likley flip turned upside down that tribes world, in some of the pics it looks like they are ready to attack whatever it is the camera person is in. Just leave them alone, where's the Prime Directive when...
  2. Volrath

    ESF 1.2.x Manual on portuguese (brazil)

    I've translated it to portuguese months ago... I've decided to publish it here now :P Cya guys!
  3. T


    I want learn know where i grab a bot to ESF 2.0 and where i grab a script to go SSJ mode in the game and i dont know where i install the script,because when i install the script i'm see a ERROR of client DLL and i know why this error is by Corrige. I know too where i grab the models to ESF to...
  4. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    question about maya

    Hey is there a way to import maya files into 3dsm3.x? i want to render my models with brazil.
  5. E

    Can I Use Gmax with Brazil?

    Can I Use Gmax with Brazil? Thanx.
  6. S

    Is it possible to render with G Max?

    Well is it possible to render with G Max? Come on. you guys/girls have to tell me. i'll do anything