1. Barney

    Dinosaurs on the brain

    I often find myself thinking the same things.
  2. KYnetiK

    If you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out

    Check out Tim Minchin, a favourite comedian of mine, from my own home town even. This tale of dealing with a moron always leaves me smiling :D
  3. VideoJinx

    Is your brain being infected?

    Ever checked read the ingredients for the food you eat lately?? Next time, look for the "Gluten". 1 Dr's research claims that it's a neurotoxin that effects your behavior and energy lvls...
  4. Spunky

    Simulating the Human Brain

  5. M

    Brain Wave Detector

    I couldn't think of a better title, so I apologize for that. Source: Video:
  6. Zeonix

    Violent Video Game Effects Linger in Brain Once more, people are trying to prove that video games are the root of all violence in our youth. I gotta say, this is pretty stupid. They should try the same tests on someone who watches a violent movie, or...
  7. Optimus Prime

    WARNING - This flash kills brain cells. Extreme language and retardedness, click at your own risk. \o
  8. L

    Brain Bread Zombiemod website relaunch (new screens)

    Hello there, today we relaunched the BB website with a lot of new ingame screens and news (with pics ) concerning 1.2. I thought I'd post this here in case anyone is still interested in hl mods ;) If it's against the rules to post links to another mod, then I am sorry, feel free to delete the...
  9. S

    Gogito a pictue

    my friend drew this picture........... the picture my friend
  10. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Videl model reskin

    I didn't like the original face so I changed it. Gimme crits tell me what 2 change or if I should release it Crits: original modeller of esf's trunks & nuttzy aka metal4brainz
  11. G

    dragonball GT goku mod?

    i heard that someone out there had a dragonball gt goku. it is the goku as a kid and when he goes ssj he grows big and is ssj goku 4.:devgrin: so if any one nows about this or has it ket me know please :laff: :devgrin:
  12. SSj_Gotenks95

    Johnny Model

    I think we should make a model of Johnny from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. That would be really cool anybody willing to make it I will help as much as possiible.
  13. KrazyKarl

    My Freehand DBZ character!

    This one of my first, if not the first, freehand drawing that i have ever done... no ref pic or anything all from that rusty pile of junk behind my eyes that some poeple call a brain... so here it is, its wasnt really supposed to be anyone, but it turned out having extremely strong vegeta...
  14. K

    Innards of buu map

    yo guys, I was just watching my copy of the latest dbz's "254-260" with buu and all, and thought: "hey, that would be a good map!" - Innards of buu! It would be more vertical, then the current, typical horisontal model. With moving things, and those pools of "digestive acid" that take off hit...
  15. M

    5 ideas + many lost brain cells

    First I'd like to introduce myself. I am C3P0, human cyborg. :) Well no not really, I do have a P4!!! if that counts :fight: . Here are my ideas, for this AWESOME game. TO make it AWESOMER (dont know if thats a word) 1- I would really REALLY like to see third even fourth... power balls...
  16. T

    eclipse model coooooooooloooo

    heeeeeyaaaaaa new model!check it out