1. dman86

    Ginyu Force & Spice Boys

    Title says it all :) Is the Ginyu Force & Spice Boys gonna be added on ESF 1.3 ?
  2. VideoJinx

    Hey Iron Man Fans Boys!~~~

    I haven't seen iron man.. but it doens't seem to have been that good considering I haven't heard much about it.. so HA HA HA !~~ The next batman movie is where itz gonna be at =O.. EPIC <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie"...
  3. Hash

    Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs

    I strongly urge anyone who even remotely likes rap/hip-hop at all to pick this up right now. I always liked the Beastie Boys, but this album made me completely fall in love with them. There isn't a single song I don't like on this thing, everything is outstanding. The thing I like most about...
  4. S

    Old boys...

    I was just thinking how many old boys still are here? I have been here since 2001.. But still i haven't posted as much as all the others, but still i enjoy these forums, clicking my way through all of thouse new comers request, models and much more... I will be faithfull to this mod as long as i...
  5. Nuttzy

    temp thread - please ignore [grOOvy]

  6. M

    sprite program

    plz help hi i wanna ask you boys witch program i need to make sprites :scared:
  7. V

    hate the backstreet boys watch this

    revenge of backstreet there it is a video about backstreetboys getting wooped. At the end its sick but funny in all. :fight: click the link above to watch
  8. V

    pr0 Squad

    Anbody with the pr0 squad I wanted to know if you had a spot left for a modeler Or a trainee modeler, I have made a Johnny the Homicidal maniac model and the Spawn model, I really would be good at edits, but I dont know how to edit characters using other characters parts in milkshape but I...
  9. R

    My n00b Model

    Well I figured I would grow some balls and try on a model. I want to make one of the spice boys, I just can't remember which one he is. I only got portions of the torso done and the arms. Go on and tell me if you think I or it have potential to being a good model/modeler. Also give suggestions...
  10. Mastasurf

    Check out the Masta's little color job

    Big Boys can color to!!!!!! I decided to color a little bit last night :0) so here check it out.... <i>click to enlarge</i> <a href=""><img src=""></a><br><br> And here is the original...