1. Raeku

    ITS A BOY!

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd share the good news with you. My baby boy, Alexander, was born on the 20th April @ 21:58 (GMT +2). He weighed in at 2.82Kg & was 54cm from head to toes. I'ma post a pic later today. :D
  2. SS4 Gogeta

    11-Year-Old Autistic Boy get branded a cheater by Xbox live. I wanna know what xbox live thinks this kid did to tamper with his stats and whatnot.
  3. TehMuffinMan

    Noby Noby Boy

    Anyone thrown caution into the wind and brought this for 3 quid from the PS3 store? 30 minutes into it and i'm still absolutely clueless about what is going on, but its fun!
  4. S

    He's not the Messiah, He's a very naughty boy!

    Well last night they repeated a Derren Brown show on TV again, and I thought it'd be a pretty good subject for debate. Derren Brown is a performer, and he uses mind tricks, and powerful suggestion. He doesn't claim to have any powers he always says that its a trick, but he's outstandingly good...
  5. Optimus Prime

    Boy Kills Homeless Man and Blames Video Games - Stepmother Speaks Out Scroll down to, A rare opportunity, it was definitely an interesting read.
  6. Spunky

    Boy Falls Into Gorilla Pit!!! So THAT's why mommy always said never to jump in and play with the cute little monkeys.
  7. Suh Dude

    Ahaha, 13 year old boy owned

    This relates to Steam so I put it in here. Read the conversation. Ahaha and I got this from another forum so don't bash on me. -------------------------------- br0kenrabbit says: hi Greg_ValveOLS says: good evening br0kenrabbit says: What's ip? br0kenrabbit says: up...
  8. T

    Fall Out Boy- From Under The Cork Tree

    does anybody hav the new fall out boy cd
  9. Wolf Devil

    The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, and boy does he sack!

    Me. September 15th, 2004 Me again! September 13th, 2005 ... Damn, I'm sooo good looking. I should definately have a girlfriend.... Yeah, I found out about 42 AFTER I had the jersey... But once I found out that just sorta gave me all the more reason... You know you're too...
  10. CM

    18 year old boy drives full bus from NO to Houston Wow. This guy is a ****ing hero.
  11. MONXver2.0

    Fat boy slims weapon of choice video

    I know everyone has seen this by now, but I felt like revisiting old memories. Walken is my favorite actor. Seeing him dance is something behold. :laff:
  12. M

    the boy from the future...

    again!i have been revamping my old one with almost everything new.polycount is 2600.credits go to reckoning of fire for the render
  13. ~*Logan*~

    boy do I feel stupid

    because of computer issues I had to clean out everything, including steam, half-life, and esf. Now...I go to re-install everything. I installed steam and my half-life and the patch and then the 1.2.1 full installer...but now I cant remember where I should install ESF now because my...
  14. U

    German boy search help

    hallo ich wollte fragen ob mir jemand helfen kann und zwar hab ich jetzt denn editor von maya aber wie kann ich mdl datein importieren und wie kann ich am besten modeln denn ich habs noch nie gemacht hoffe mir kann jemand helfen
  15. Tweek

    EVM Models !!!!!

    ..OK i no there has been a lot of speculation bout the EVM models all bein ripped :( Now its not my place 2 say weather they hav or havnt but i can assure u that both P cell, Kid buu, and serveral ohter r NOT ripped bcus me and other EVM modelers made then O_o so i would apreciate u NOT 2 cum...
  16. MSF

    Skybox error?

    HI all..... i have made a room behind a sky box.......and i can see this in the sky why? and how can i fixed that? Don't forget i am a German Boy, not a Game Boy ;)
  17. F

    Something that caught my eyes

    well i was looking around the forum and i saw a ssj4 goku that resembled a work done by me and ri0 and i didnt see any credits to US so i am wondering if he really made it b/c i see ALOT of remsemblence in this pic
  18. T

    Dragonball HS characters

    Hy I'm a noob on this forum and i have a problem I can't get my picture on this thread cuz i donno how please help me. thanks
  19. PiXel

    please mapper`s please try it please can u try to make the map esf_trifore or what eber i will be have the map in zelda here are many pictueres :cry: please try it for me please
  20. E

    Can Someone Release Ussj Brolly plz And Sjj4Vegeta

    Can Some make ssj4 vegeta becaus i download it from and it open another file but not vegeta Make Ussj Brolly plz plz plz plz Dont Like Eminem Thats Why He Kill You C:\Documents and Settings\TigeR-BoY\Мои документы\Полученные файлы\blind4.gif