1. P

    hit boxes - help

    hi. could you tell me how to make,and what are those numbers after $hbox : $hbox 0 "Line01" -5.375000 -10.140000 -5.230000 5.375000 117.099998 beacouse i don't want all of those hitboxes :D : help. :laff:
  2. nemecj05

    help with sky boxes and light entities...

    ok, i understand how to add sky and light entities but i dont know how to edit those things, whenever i add a sky box and i compile my map it never has the sky i told it to have it always has some other one, and i dont know ow to change the brightness/darkness on the map someone help me...
  3. Tweek

    Buu WIP (am sorta stuck -_-)

    ..Keh iv so far managed the body but iv re done the hand like 4 times :( and they r realy Pissssin me off now ;( . Also Thanks 2 SMO 4 the Base skin edited by MEEE :) . If n e would could give us sum ideas and crits 2 wot i done then Tankz ;D The prob is when ever i make the...
  4. E

    hit boxes too big ?

    i think weve all noticed that the hit boxes in esf are a tad big ( u get hit by melee when the person is like 4 meters away from u ) . are they going to be rezised for beta 1.2 ? it might be abit weird with advanced melee to have big hit boxes especially with the grab feature.
  5. G

    Question about Milkshape 3D!!! HELP!

    Hi! I have a question about Milkshape 3D! If there are two boxes that touches each other, how do I connect their edges??
  6. Sicron

    The Matrix......kinda

    i like him very much i made it with photo shop and a tutorial :) im gonna use it as my avatar cuz its so cool :P hehe my second thing i made what do u think of it?? *EDIT* hmm i cant use it as my avatat :( ah wel
  7. Nuttzy

    env_model?, solid?

    im learning mapping ive learned all the usually missed steps from bob and a few other people, i HAVE got maps in game, now i made a model of samus's spaceship, it shows up ingame just fine id post a screenie, but im about to go to sleep, but its not solids, you can walk right through it, how do...
  8. Cold Steel

    pm boxes

    Appearantly my pm box is damaged. Cuz i can send messages but i can't recieve em. Can anyone help me? I allready completely deleted every single post in all the folders/boxes/whatever. And DarkPredator is trying to send me a message all the time wich i can't recieve. If he reads he should replie...
  9. Warrior_Elite45

    How do you make clip boxes?

    I was wonderin' how would I make a clip box around an object such as a tree?
  10. Death The Jedi

    Need Help In Photoshop...

    Ok, I'm trying to edit some .bmp's that came with an aura I have (the ssj2 with lightning, no I don't plan to release this, it's for my own personal use). Whenever I try to change it's color, it will only go to black or yellow, how can I change it to whatever I want it to be?
  11. TwisteR

    Hit Boxes

    ok, i was just wondering why the hit boxes are so big? ya know, when you block struggle sometimes the beam is off to the side but you are still blocking it. are they meant to be big for various reasons or what.
  12. Epedemic_Optikz

    New Sig

    I Kinda Like This Sig So Im Gonna Replace It!! :] EDIT 72: ok there we go finally.:]
  13. D

    enyone plz do me a favor

    make a huge model ex piccolo at the tenkachi budokai or a ozaru cuz it would be werry cool with a giant ape or a namekian
  14. P

    Hit Boxes

    Ugh, THEY ARE TOO BIG, meele + beams are soooo easy, make them smaller! -.-
  15. owa

    Layout help.

    Hey, I know there aren't tuts for Layout making and stuff cause I tried to find some. But anyways I need osme help. - I need a detailed explanation of how the slice tool works. Weither one of you post it or you give me a link. - Just some baisic info on how I should begin the layout...
  16. R

    Help with 3ds max

    Okay, I am new at using 3ds max 4, but I know theres to ways you can model... One, you can start TOTALLY of a blank sheet... the other is that there is some way you can allready start off of a model that has been preformed, in some way... or maybe even download a character thing... any help...
  17. L

    Help A Noob Mapper

    ok when i start worldcraft and it asks me for the config and build programs and stuff textures etc ,,,what do i put in the boxes could someone please show a pic of what they have or tell me what i need to do please thanks...
  18. G

    please jelp

    how can i improve this model on milkshape? everyone says it just looks like boxes? i don't know how to do better stuff? does anyone know any tutorials for milkshape and gmax?????? please give some feedback