1. Hash

    Bounty Hunterrs are Cool!

    Inspired by my current zero mission craze, I've decided to dedicate my next piece of artwork to the oh-so-awesome Samus Aran. I'm also continuing to delve deeper into the awe inspiring world of brushes. Hope you like it! Oh and the usual critz and comments too.
  2. S

    POlycoUnT PimPAs

    if you have ever skinned something in the polycount pimpas section then post it here... i will post mine later... **UpDaTe** here is a polycount pimpa model im working on now, kinda looks like jboskma's, he should post his.. here it is... about 30 min in progress...
  3. GLOsticks R Us

    ^Check out my artwork-sketch skills^

    Its a character I just made up and trying to draw more of, his name is Yugi Kyo and is a EX-Bounty Hunter wanted as a prisoner. I could Only fit is haed in the forums because the file size was too big, and I don't have soemhting to host it with. I have drawn much more other stuff, And I would...