1. BlueSaiyan

    New game mode: Boss Mode

    This mode is for many players and is played in rounds, with one 'Boss' player chosen at random. The boss player's health scales in real time according to the number of players in the server, he gets a 'Temporary boost in powerlevel' which is the player's current PL multiplied by 3, and he also...
  2. Painkiller

    Boss ME 25 or else?

    BOSS ME-25 is what I'm looking forward to. I saw a few vids on Youtube, checked out other people's opinion, but I'm still not sure... Can I find something better for that price? It's about 180 euro in my country. My old Korgax5g died D:
  3. B


    So, idea beguile that (in order to) for example, introduce which (who) be have on map 5000 " " Bossa hp and for example, it will be necessary to overcome him (it) commonly that it will conflict (combat) after overcoming on superior (upper; highest) form for waltzs (battles) with such person...
  4. Grega

    Happy admin boss day

    Thats right MY turns 22 today. So give him a hand and cookies :p Congrats my admin friend.
  5. U

    final boss in serious sam

    has anyone beat that giant freak before?
  6. X

    The Hardest Boss in any 2D Fighter...

    Who do you think is the hardest boss in a 2D Fighter? My vote goes out to Goenitz and Igniz, the biggest pain in the asses in the whole world...
  7. Kaination

    Coolest boss ever...

    The coolest boss ever!!! It doesn't necessarly have to be the hardest, but the coolest one. The coolest boss would have to be... god this is going to take alot of thinking. I'll update my idea when i think of it. :D _____________ update! Try to post a picture of them so we can see them :D
  8. Blademaster

    JK2 Reborn boss

    i was adding stuff to reborn boss but how do i view the boss model all it comes up with is the orignal orange one how do i open the boss file adn there is no boss modle file i could load so... how do i please help thanks:)
  9. X

    The biggest boss of teh bosses!

    Vote for who you think was the best boss in any Final Fantasy game!
  10. S

    bojack trunks finished

    ok heres the pic of the final trunks in my version.
  11. K


    maybe some one can make a sonic pack sonic = gohan liek it already is tails = piccolo knuckles = vegeta robotnic = fat buu "dont know what his trans would be but meh" shadow = cell =transformation maybe super shadow?? the alien guy that was made out of liquid from SA1 = frieza amy =...
  12. sexyasian86

    Marth and Roy [ssb]

    if u guys know from super smash brothers. and an anime, Marth and Roy. credits (so far): azn dragon [for body] ss_vegeta [for cape] s-bolt [ for chest armor] here is a picture of the marth body. so far. took my 20 minutes to do the edits almost perfectly. so no parts look rough. so...
  13. D


    here is my first edited aura :tired: credits to Asension X for the original aura (preview) here is the medium version here is the lare version
  14. G

    requests for models to make

    alright people im getting a modeling system and i have no idea on what models to make so heres the deal u give me requests and ill see if i can make them cause they would be great cause i have ideas all make some new attacks and all and a speacil power up anyway how about this u tell me and...
  15. M

    question for forum boss.

    how much costed this forum? because i wanna make 1 to again i had one for free but the host whent offline and never got online again? and whos the host of this forum?
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