1. Grega

    The music of the day you were born Do share the results :p For me The Number 1 single was: Europe - "The Final Countdown" The Number 1 album was: Various artist compilation (EMI/Virgin) - "Now, That's What I Call Music 8" Born on 13th Dec: 1940 - Tony Gomez ( of The...
  2. vinay87

    [Bleach] Born because of Ichigo?

    I was bored and so, decided to watch the first arc of Bleach. And was at the episode where Inoue's powers are exposed for the first time. Exposed, lol Well, she asks Shun'ou who they are and Shun'ou responds. and she later states that only Inoue and people like Ichigo will see them. And...
  3. Grega

    Wich song/album was #1 when you were born. Now get posting the results :p Wich song and album were moast popular when you were born. My results: The Number 1 single was: Europe - "The Final Countdown" <input name="action" value="sngl" type="hidden"><input value="00625" name="hid_actid"...
  4. john_volkov

    Born to Fight

    Have you seen the movie Born to Fight a thailadez movie it's Cool melee vs weapons
  5. S

    A New SSJ is Born!!

    I guess you could call it a Super-Saiyan 2-in a half. lol CREDITS: Nuttzy for Model/Skin REVERSE for well new hair nothing special ;) Critz?
  6. C

    A new clan is born!

    10:27 GMT time, a new clan was born, the 'Extreme Forces'. the tag is still being debated, and i shall update this post as soon as we decide the tag. :devsmile:
  7. Damaera


    HAHAHAHAHAH IT'S COMPLETE!!!!!!!! FINNALY I FINISHED IT IN 5 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!MY SHADOW PACK!!!!! - Credits (Copied thsi from another thread) - - Buu-- SS_Vegeta Goku-- Vassago Gohan-- SS_Vegeta Krillin-- SS_Vegeta Frieza-- -Form 1-- Vassago -Form 2-- SS_Vegeta Trunks-- Xstortionist...
  8. DaKD

    Heero Yue(for the mod yet to have a name)

    Im almost done with my Heero model for the mod that im on a team for that regretably has no name yet. g-gundam vs gundam wing in hand- to -hand is the idea tho. ill post pics later if i can