1. krzyhox

    Other bonus melee

    hI Other combo for every figure?. Whether in esf final this way is he will be whether everyone has the same tier?. Bonus melle
  2. #16

    Cell's bonus melee

    Dunno, but maybe esf team can add this Cell's move to bonus system? Look at 2.44 min.
  3. gerald324

    Is Trunks Bonus Melee finished?

    Trunks Tier Special.. (^_^) That Badass Combo? ;(
  4. Reading Rainbow

    Bonus Melee System.....

    I've become extremely anxious as of late about this game, I know it'll be a while before a release hits but I HAVE to ask........ Will you guys reveal more footage of the new bonus system any time soon? (footage other than whats in the ESF: Final Melee System video) Is there alot of work...
  5. H

    Bonus Tier System questions

    Hey all, I think it has been discussed before but I cannot seem to find the right words to search for. To my understanding, you get bonus points throughout fighting and then you can spend by hitting the 'c' key. But how will getting these points be determined? Is it damage done? How...
  6. S

    Bonus points effect on beams

    I know already that I don't have enough information about the bonus points to know if this is already in or not, but I'm going to suggest this anyway. Say you use a generic beam and use your bonus points on it and it stays the relative size, with the boost it would be bigger overall along with...
  7. Optimus Prime

    Bonus Stage

    I was just wondering if anyone else watches the Web-Animation Bonus Stage It's a weekly flash comic, with minimal animation, no sound synchronization (done on purpose). But I find it extremely entertaining. And I've been watching it since I found out about it (somewhere around episode 13)...
  8. S

    1 ... 2 ... or 3?

    Hey.. got bored.. whipped this up real quickly , so tell me which one you like , and/or critisize why you don't like them ^_^ thank you. v1 v2 v3...
  9. S

    PL starting bonus.

    I said this before in the old message board and Im not sure if this was already suggested in the new board. So here it goes. Since some people would like to go SSJ (or whatever the super form of your "class" is) when they first join a server. So what I was thinking was that a server could...