1. A

    Bomber Man!!

    I was wondering if someone could make a bomber man model, then I coould skin, or some one else, or maybe even the person that made teh model. We can make it replace GOhan and maybe get Shijing to make some sprites.
  2. freeportpretz22

    My first model, help plz!

    My first model I'm working on my first model and I need some help, so if anyone can help, please contact me on AIM at DaviS C 6590 I'd really appreciate it, Thanks Alot, War Hamster
  3. M

    Map: Room of spirit and time

    Hi people I'm pretty new here , infact this is my first post i think. :) I'm Micardi, I'm a mapper and I love doing DBZ based maps. Here's something i did the last couple of days. Any suggestions,comments,ideas ?
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