1. SailorAlea

    Ewe Boll will stop making movies if this petition reaches 1,000,000 signitures.

    ( Hilarious. Sign @
  2. M

    Uwe Boll... What More Needs To Be Said?

    Well, Uwe Boll has fought the five hand-picked critics and unfortunately, was able to beat them all by decision. You can find clips of the fights on YouTube though don't expect it to be a bout for the heavyweight championship belt or anything. Here's what Wikipedia had: Discuss!
  3. M

    Uwe Boll Gone Crazy

    I'm sure most of you have heard of Uwe Boll, he directed House of the Dead and Bloodrayne just to name a few. Well now he's doing a game to movie for Postal, FarCry and Dungeon Siege. Here is a statement he made regarding the production of Postal: So, what's everyones opinions on Uwe Boll?
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