1. Deman

    The Real Folk Blues

    So after spending a little time at the bars, I finally watched the finale to Cowboy Bebop for the first time since High School. Cheer me up :(
  2. Twilight

    Twilight Productions Pic

    100% self made with photoshop in bout an hour, lol
  3. Demi-Shadow

    Sig for strike, crits please.. AND POST THIS TIME!

    Crits? ok, this is my <counts> 7th sig, it's a different style, and the first one i've put lightning in. Comments, crits, praises etc please. *repost* can someone actualy POST here please?!
  4. B

    Vegeta Gt Model

    U know that one guy that looks like vegeta and short hair well i use vegetas body and created new hair Heres the link And don't give credits to me Give it to that one dude S-bolt or The guy who made Vegeta
  5. S

    Cinder Model (W.I.P.)

    i have spent about 30 minutes on this so far, here is a pic of it, give comments on what i should do for the shirt and pants and jacket...