1. M

    A blonde chick with a nice pussy!!

    Im so bored. Did i fool you or what?
  2. TwisteR

    Best blonde joke ever
  3. Cookster

    Best Blonde Joke EVER!

    Click Here!
  4. E

    Low Poly Majin Vegeta....(model)

    K recently when i been critting models around half life forums, ive being getting this sad excuse that they dont have enough polys to add detail e.t.c blah blah so i thought id practise my low poly modeling again to see if its actaully hard or if they were just noobs. and heres the result...
  5. M

    wip brolly

    hmm im geting lil frustrated about non ssj brolly but heres ssj .. give me crits cuz i dunno wuts rong with this.. ppl at dmz just suck up i hate that ****