1. LOPAO

    Effects of damage houses or holes blocks

    Hi, i'm new i realy like this mod and i played many times. I have a suggestion about new version it was very nice if the map is destroyed like in the dbz from ps2 when someoane blast the earth it makes a holes or when blast a house or a block that is crashed.. I think you understand what i'm...
  2. M

    Drug that Blocks Radiation Damage

  3. Phobius

    Demonoid blocks Canadian Traffic!

    This was interesting news indeed and surprised nobody wrote about it yet. Anyways sometime Saturday went to log into demonoid and got this error "We received a letter from a lawyer represeting the CRIA, they were threatening with legal action and We need to start blocking Canadian traffic...
  4. M

    Transform during blocks and..

    yea right. i think you should be able to transform when you block stuff. of course just if you already can transform... would be cool^^ another thing is: when you reflect any kiballs beams and stuff, the reflected projectiles should fly down to earth in a curve, and slower...and with...
  5. C

    Boring Blocks

    Right, Its really beggining to annoy me, the amount of people who do nothing in a fight except stand and block. If theyre on their toes and keep looking at you its impossible to get through and as soon as you throw a hit they instantly throw one back. This guy "foofel" was doing it to me...
  6. M

    TGW Clan Map

    TGW Clan Maps Heeyzz Guys Well i have a good set of Clan mapper namely SJ Prince Cold Steel Sanosuke gTn There getting very good and u can see there stuff at our clan page check it out you will ike em The Golden Warriors Clan Map Page leave critz about the maps *Can...
  7. Tassadar

    Majin Trunks

    My 3rd edit, it little more complicated than the others. A little more than a recolor, I drew the M on his forehead obviously, recolored his sword and sheathe. Also took off the patch that said capsule corp and replaced it with an M. Heres a pic. This guy actually took me about an hour and a...
  8. Mr. Satans

    Sphere Theory

    I came up with this idea a few weeks ago but forgot about it and it finally came back: I thought, "Hmm what about building a sphere in the same way an igloo is build, rectangular blocks" It might be tedious work but if done right it could result in a VERY smooth looking sphere.
  9. G

    Released rmf file of my map

    I read someone would like to see rmf files of esf maps I would appriciate comments from the more expirienced mappers around :p so my future maps will be better
  10. B

    problem with map!!

    i made a test map in valve hammer editor. when i got in i selected my charater and spawned. but my character was standinf 3 or 4 feet of the ground and i was not in fly mode. does any one know how to fix this? email me at [email protected]
  11. Marauder


    well i was thinking, 1 on 1 melle in usless,same with beams. and y? because of block. some1 can block like a 1000 times and nothing will happen to him exept mine hp droping. that should b fixed so only 2/3 blocks can b done in a 1 sec.
  12. S

    Video Tuturial How u make a gun in Milkshape This is a Tuturial made by me Luda Its hosted thnx to Miria Trunks The model that i model in the tut is a Mac-10 u need a codec called Camtasia this is a tut for Milkshape Guys Have Fun -Peace Luda/Stan
  13. L

    Gundam wing wallpaper

    can you guys rate this? tell nme what you think of it out of 10