1. sub

    This **** also just blew my ****ing mind
  2. sub

    This **** just blew my ****ing mind
  3. A

    Okey so now i blew it all up now what?

    I had steam okey it didnt let me connect not much problem so after that i played codename gordon or freeman i already forgot and after that i wanted to play esf i tryed to open it but a window pops up abaut source dedicated server i turn it off and esf doesnt start same went in to cs couldnt...
  4. )v(ajin Cell

    The Pin that Blew the Bomb

    ok I am really getting annoyed at newbies making thread like "I CAN"T WAIT" "The Suppence is KILLING ME" "WHEN" "Beta?", there has to be 15 of those each weak! Does it BOTHER anyone that THOSE (and this) ARE COMPLETE SPAM. When you get your little hands on the Beta you'll play for 1 month then...