1. C

    Need a smaller example of a blended mesh than tiny.x

    I'm trying to understand how to have my DirectX program generate a blended mesh for saving to an x file. (I'm exporting from another format.) However there's no tutorials on creating and saving them only loading existing ones. Would any of you guys have a VERY simple blended mesh as a .x file...
  2. Suh Dude


    i was bord so i made this
  3. |Da|K|

    feel the light(clockwork remake)

    i tryed to make a remake of clock work watcha think?
  4. O

    Eclipses work

    new wallpaper, what you think, im new 2 esf, but am known alot in dmz. anyway comments please
  5. R


    Hey guys, it's me again. The other thread I made my wallpapers never showed up because of stupid is down. Now, Look at it here and tell me what you guys think! *edit* if it doesnt show up sorry had to do it on geocities *gah..* right click and show picture. It will show
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Idea of a piece of work??

    I have been deciding on a landscape picture lately for about a week or 2 now.. Its to have a nice tree in a landscape , or a tree on a river and allow the tree to emanate light... Also, I was to make the tree have blended colors inside it, to make the tree radiate with a rainbow of color...
  7. E

    new sig

  8. |Da|K|

    NewSig's (Rate)

    Hey evey one was wondering if u could rate my new sig fomr 1 to 10 and witch one is the best THx alot guyz and critz and comments are welcome :D 1: 2: 3: ^----- i made for a friend 4: ^-- just added... and the one i'm useing now could use some rating :D thx
  9. USJTrunks

    Blinding - Wallpaper