1. frsrblch

    Bittorrent Clients

    Can anybody name a few good ones? Ive been using Azureus, but with todays update, it has decided to crap out on me. Wont get past the handshake. Not sure, but I think Im walking a fine line with BT posts. Ill understand if this is closed.
  2. S


    I think you guys should use BitTorrent when you release ESF 1.2 It is very fast P2P program. BitTorrent Guide
  3. Shuyin

    using bittorrent on release days?

    Ok well. For the next release i think a bittorrent link should be available so people have a chance of downloading it and don't end up screaming for links :P ESF movies might also want to use bittorrent to save there bandwith..