1. Viper

    8 bits
  2. J-Dude

    Anybody Have These DBZ audio Bits?

    I've been searching and on the lookout for two pieces of sound from DBZ that have long eluded me. First is the not-in-soundtrack intro to the Super Saiyan Vegeta theme. You often hear it in the show befor the main chorus. Its been hard to find an instance where voice and sfx aren't in the...
  3. S

    Arcane - Bits n Bobs

    Not done alot this xmas, still tidying this up I am redesigning it at the moment, but for now that will do cause its in my engine. Next bit I am trying to design a wizards cottage for the game but also a higher polygon version for an interactive website of mine. Only just started so its a...
  4. Nuttzy

    super evil beast lookin thing

    well, i got bored and i remembered an old fusion i made up called berceolo, (burter and piccolo, and i started building him, but when i got done with teh head, i just said screw it and made him something new, i dont plan on finishing him but id any of you do ill give you the ms3d
  5. S

    model help

    when i try to compile my .qc file it starts to then it says ms3d has caused an error and needs to close. can somebody help or if you can i can send my model to you (its a ssj 3 vegeta) and you can compile it for me. heres an image.
  6. V

    Editing sprites

    How can I download a program to edit sprite files. I've been looking but can't find a program to edit them. I working link would be very helpful.
  7. M

    Modelling help

    Im so utterly comfused by this modelling lark. I have decompiled a model and import the ssjtrunks.smd. Is this the model i need to edit to change everything or do i have to edit every single model. Also when i use HL Model Viewer to see if my changes have worked it doesnt seem to have done so...
  8. T

    Radditz MAJOR WIP

    UPDATE 3 im still working on the pads but heres a pic so far
  9. R

    Saga skins

    Okay people this is what i am planning is doing a RESKIN of every person in the game to different sagas know i cant skin so im going to put to gether a team of people to help me with it and i will make a site for it and all the good **** so who wants to help me do this if u wish to take part in...
  10. E

    New Model....Inspired by azn_d...

    i saw anz dragons models today and was amazed so i thought id try my hand at a different battle damaged guy with a say 4000 polys here he is at 1000 polys atm, hardly anything dont to him at the momenth, very very wip (theres no lighting in this scene, ill make a new render with..)
  11. owa

    PS Animation help!

    Hey, I was wondeirng if anyone knew were I could find a tutorial for Photoshop 7 on how to make an animation. I'm looking for somthing simple like the animimations -Gotrunks- did. Either that or someone could tell me how to do this. Anyways please and thank you.
  12. K

    Pepper City, Breaking bits off

    Could you guys make it so that in pepper city you could blow some of the parts off with you attacks, i think it would be so much more like DBZ if the attacks you did, did damge to the things when u miss (or when u don't :P). You could do a little every update till it gets to a point where you...