1. M

    More Evidence that Birds Came From Dinosaurs

  2. SS4 Gogeta

    Watch out birds, Catwing has arrived!!!!

    Too bad the cat can't actually fly........yet there have been reports of cats with "wings" for a long time, the "wings" turn out to be just extra fur from when a cat molts. In this case however, it's reported it has bone in the wing.
  3. C

    The birds are Feimagateing!

    This is not a joke, scientists have discovered that some birds have eaten so much gas'y foods that when exsposed to an open flame they blow up. This is not a joke! And when cats eat one of these birds....they get, ah, the runs real bad for a weak. So please keep your cats indoors untill...
  4. ultrassj_vegeta

    Flight from home

    waddya think?