1. S

    Just Bing it

    I dunno if any of you have heard about it yet, but Microsoft have launched a new search engine to try to rival google, they claim it is more accurate and allows more options than google. I'm somewhat skeptical, I think google is still better for conventional searches, but the...
  2. Hawki_ice

    V1.2 Bing bing bing <FAILED> dangit

    DAMIT..... it was going so well then blam stupid gif saving format, rined again. critz? Dw, Im gana retry doing this one in V2 format again, stupid gif carnt handle angles aRG.
  3. R

    In need of 3DS Max help

    Okay, I put this in another post of mine, but I figure it would hardly be viewed... but I made a body in one "map" in 3DS Max, and a Head in a new "map"/file. They are bothed saved as .max I want to get the head map/file to go into the body map/file. If one were saved .3DS then I would know...