1. S

    Orphan works bill Before you all see "Corporate theft" and think ****, this is a Jinx conspiracy thread, it isn't. This is about a bill currently being discussed in congress, If passed this will mean that you would have no rights over your own work unless you pay to...
  2. M

    Bailout Bill... Denied!

  3. Viper

    Full text: An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant

    The original article can be found here: It already says that it's a 5 year old email, but maybe not everybody knows about it :) .
  4. M

    Bill of Rights for ISPs and File Sharers?

  5. elNarr

    Bill Gates claims Vista has sold over 100 million copies of Vista..

    If vista has sold over 100 million copies all around the world, how come i see so few of Vista users? Vista has been called as the flop of 2007 , and i agree. Ok, there are a lot of Vista users : Granted. But saying that has sold and have more than 100 million users : fail. Discuss. oh and...
  6. M

    Jack Thompson suing Bill Gates]
  7. Growler

    Kill Bill - Painting

    Go-Go - Painting Worked about 1 hour and 45 minutes on it. Started off as a speed painting, but I got too much into it
  8. Valeska

    Kill Bill anime recolored

    nothing much just some practicing..
  9. USSJ3-Vegeta

    Reskin of AZN's Majin Vegeta!

    Ok this is my first time doing this so dont go flamming me or dissing on was 5-10 min job because i wanted to test it only things i did was add some nonrealistic blood ;/ some weird looking dirt stuff and a couple of rips in clothes...but next time i will spend more time...
  10. B

    You need help

    You need help about mapping come to my site **************** go to my form my team help you:D :D ;D ther is no problem whe can fix (admin's can only fix)
  11. T

    Ersens bradock head skinned by me!

    tell me what you guys htink im still working on it but twll me what still needs work....
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