1. Viper

    A bike

    This one is pure eyecandy, so I didn't hold back on using polygons. I'm using references from different manufacturers for parts, so it won't (hopefully) look like a particular bike.
  2. Z

    Warhammer 40K Bike!

    Hey! i am back.. :P I have had a long break from modling, and yeah now i am back, with new energi..! I am still a N00b or i think i am.?! here is my Wip Pic of my model! A Warhammer 40K Space Marins Battle Bike: Give Crits?!! :D Over and out ZARP!!!
  3. Theoboy

    How to park your bike
  4. RavenTrunks

    Bike Save...

    Just found this.... and how lucky he was...
  5. S

    bike concept

    just yeah, quick bike concept, not very detailed, but i wanted timmy to have a robust bike that cud handle riding for long times in the desert... so here's what i got for a quick one =\
  6. W

    Akira bike

    forum on cgnetworks old picture I think this is better ( pic below ). How about you, c&c are all welcome .
  7. Z

    New Akira Wallpapers !

    Which looks best ?
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