1. D

    Wallpaper bgs

    This bg is my favorite, it's sort of simple, sort of not =/ bg1 This one is pretty simple. bg2 This one is those two, put together ^^ bg3 It seems people never like my bg's, but there they are anyways.
  2. NeLo

    Alrighty..i need some image to fit one of these bgs

    Yes ive made some incredible bgs. I messed around with stuff.. Anyway here they are. Anyway i need some good images to go with them. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!! :cry: Yes the last one i just added some images. I wanted it to be a suprise but the bg just doesnt go with it...
  3. Wangster

    2 bgs, and a budugly sig you can have ^_^

    here, as the title says: sig: BG N1: BG N1: you can have the sig, but give crits on the bg!
  4. Ryoko

    Tales of Phantasia wallpaper

    Doooh it's hard to find images for these. O_o Oh well, since I love this game soo much heres a wallpaper about it. Teleport! Ha! Soul wave! Pwned! *ahem.. *
  5. owa

    Sig thing or ya whatever...

    Hey, Well I made a sig I kinda like it I'm just trying some new style and stuff just practicing you know I'm sitll a n00b and I suck and I dun care. tell me what you ugys tihnk :)