1. Gama

    BF1942 Video

    I found an old video me and my brother made one of our first so uploaded and though i would share:
  2. C VON

    bored? check out my stunts vid for bf1942!!

    linkzor!!;2975568;5;/fileinfo.html tell me what you think!
  3. Alteh

    What do you think is the best Bf1942 Expansion?

    What do you think is the best BF1942 Expansion?
  4. Buce

    BF1942 Help

    Yes hello, i just reformated my computer. After this reinstalled all of my software including battle field 1942...when i ran the program it said that it needed to update(same as before i reformated) so i do the same this and download it and then when it is unpacking it says that the archive is...
  5. Shuyin

    bf1942 starwars mod

    well its not new news, but incase some of you dont know and have bf1942 there is a starwars mod for it *Link removed* There current alpha isnt draw dropping, but its a good start. They'll release an update in about 2 weeks. Ive never seen a mod team as big as theres... they seem to post an...
  6. sub

    BF1942 demo

    I just downloaded the battlefield1942 secrets of ww2 demo and im just wondering what any of you that played it thinks. I thought it was great and the rocket pack owns all. It seemed a lil less laggy and its a lot more fun then the other expansion pack road to rome (its better imho and its just...
  7. S

    BF1942 Video

    Althou its very funny, it also gives ya some weird but good scenes of BF1942. heres the link
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