1. E

    2 New Models (Piccolo/Goku)

    heres my new piccolo and goku models, i know they are aroudn the 2000 poly range but that wont actually be a problem inf anyone is curious, piccolo does have sholders beneath the cleak thing, so it should deform as if he didnt have the cloack on
  2. T

    DBAF trunks wip

    yea i still gotta tweak alot and add a head but what do you guys think so far.... it should be fully skinned and animated but next weds..
  3. GhostfaceKillah

    My 3 sigs (which one do u like betta?) Go there and check out my 3 sigs that i did and vote on which u like better. im new at sig makin so dont flame too much