1. FreeDoM

    Destructo Disc Fix for Beta1.1

    I noticed a lot of people had the destructo disc crash. This fix was suppost to be in the installer but for some reason it didn't make it. Basically what happens is, if you use a certain loop technique the loop itself crashes HL ONLY if it's in 22050Hz. The way around this is to convert that...
  2. B

    Steam Installer for beta1.1!!!

    I don't know if it's just me or everyone, but for some dumb reason the new link that they have put up for the Steam version of beta 1.1 isn't working. Is it just me? Why doesn't it work?!?!?! :talk: ;(
  3. M

    2 suggestions: new models and for beta1.1+x ver...

    goto here for something really gr8! sliced models , maybe a lil bit sadistic but a gr8 idea , at least I think so maybe a spirit can be programmed for this .. I dunno this idea isnt mine so go to...
  4. E

    Can't see transformation AURA HEEELP Beta1.1

    Hi I've installed the new Beta 1.1 but I can't see the transformations Aura if I transform into a SSJ, please HELP!!!
  5. U

    new models for beta1.1

    new models for beta1.1??? were can i download some???
  6. D


    Can someone say a date wan beta 1,1 to me comes?
  7. D


    When does ESF 1.1 come finally?
  8. A

    Beta1.1 trunks sowrd

    ok in beta 1.1 what is trunks going to be able to do with his sowrd.Will he use it as an attack or dose it just replace his melae please answer thanx ESF rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!